We offer a wide range of services to make sure your machines can operate at the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

Those services include maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts, machine geometry, machine relocation and training programs.


Based on our years of experience of maintaining and servicing machines, we advise our clients to regularly maintain their machines in order to prevent downtime. Together with our clients, we develop maintenance schedules according to machine type and application.


If repair work is necessary, our team of highly qualified specialists works quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime of our clients' machines to a minimum. Our repair team makes sure that your equipment runs as smoothly as possible in everyday production.

Supply Of Spare Parts

We do not just guarantee a long-term supply of spare parts for products from our own line of machines. With the same kind of passion, we also help procure materials for other brands. We conserve your resources and make life a lot easier for you.

Machine Geometry

We measure positioning accuracy and graduation precision according to VDI/DGQ 3441 using laser technology or traditional methods. We also determine the kinematic and dynamic behavior of a machine tool by means of a ballbar test. We then evaluate the results to carry out goal-oriented analyses and to define further measures.

Machine Relocation

Do you want to expand, relocate or refurbish your production site? We can assist you with a customized service package: we disassemble, package and ship your machines and then reassemble them so they can resume production afterwards. A team of experiences engineers and technicians is responsible for setting up the equipment.

Training Programs

For our new machines, we offer our clients an extensive package of services and training programs.
Not only do we provide assistance and support when it comes to launching production – we go even further than that. For example, our experienced service team can update your existing equipment to modern standards.  

Collet & Engelhard

ROTTLER is now responsible for all of the service of the former Collet & Engelhard AG in Offenbach, Germany.

This means that we can provide you with spare parts based on drawings. In addition to that, we can repair, maintain and modernize all machine types.

We offer a range of services

• Complete overhaul of machine tools
• Geometric overhaul (partial overhaul)
• Retrofit and modernization
• Maintenance and maintenance schedules
• On site repairs
• Producing spare parts
• Expert advice and placing orders
• Refurbishing tool holders with our own grinder